Happy June!

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Happy June everyone! I started out the month of June with my first ever “Summer Saturday”. I live in the beautiful borough of Queens and there’s so much to do, see, and eat. Today, I chose to Queens Botanical Garden and the Queens Museum. I’m testing out blog postings and this format may or may not change, but for now c’est la vie. Breaking up the day into three parts, I present: The Fit, The Fun, and the Food.

The Fit.

I’ve been trying to wear more color than I usually do and today I opted for this dress from The Reformation. It’s a warm weather fave I scored a couple of years ago at a sample sale. My family is from Ghana, and I think the bag may have been brought back from a trip that my mother or my sister took and somehow ended up in my closet.

I really like this dress because it’s almost like a mullet: very demure and composed from the front, but a complete party in the back. It’s the perfect dress for an adventure day.

The Fun Pt 1.

I decided to head to the Queens Botanical Garden and the Queens Museum today. It was 70 and sunny – the perfect weather for being out and about.

The Queens Botanical Garden is beautiful. It’s located on Main Street and 39th Avenue in Flushing and admission is $6 for adults, $4 for seniors, and free for children. I really enjoyed my visit because although I spend a good amount of time outside, I don’t spend a ton of time as “one with nature” so to speak. If you ever want a quiet, scenic environment for a picnic that’s local, the Queens Botanical Garden is perfect.


The Fun Pt. 2

Queens Museum Exterior

Next stop: The Queens Museum. The Queens Museum is located in Flushing Meadow Park, right behind the infamous World’s Fair Marina globe.

There’s a particular exhibit that I had heard about, but was so much more moving in person: Monuments to an Effigy by Alexandria Smith. The exhibit is an homage to Black and Native American women that were members of Macedonia A.M.E. Church buried in the Old Towne of Flushing Burial Ground. The gravestones on the site were marked with the names of four men. Smith honors the forgotten women with art that depicts a church with stained glass and church pews suspended slightly in the air to uplift them. The work not only honors them, but also those who participated in the Underground Railroad network active in Flushing.

For those wondering, the Burial Ground was paved over in the 1930s and turned into a playground by the Parks Department. In 2006, the site was renamed the Old Towne of Flushing Burial Ground in recognition of its original use and a memorial plaza is slated to open in 2020.

The Food

Stir fry at LaoMa MaLaTang

Finally, I had stir fry at LaoMa MaLaTang at the New World Mall Food Court in Flushing, Queens. I eat at this restaurant pretty often and it’s one of my faves. It’s a very simple process. You walk up to the counter and pick your proteins. Then, you pick you veggies. And lastly, the preferred level of heat. I always go medium.

To close this out, I had a phenomenal day venturing around Queens and hope this is the start to a beautiful, fun summer.


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